Seven Best Social Listening Tools to Monitor Your Brand

May 26, 2022 0 Comments

Social listening tools are essential for monitoring your brand’s performance on social media platforms. They inform you about your customers’ needs and preferences, what your competitors are saying and doing, the trends in the market, and whether your marketing strategy is working or not. Here are the best seven social listening tools you can choose from.


AgoraPulse is one of the best social listening tools on the internet today. It allows brands to interact with the mentions on social media directly. This direct contact is a powerful marketing strategy that fiercely promotes brand awareness.

With the promotion, the brand can maintain relevance amid tough online competition from other brands. AgoraPulse offers you a 30-day free trial to determine whether it is worth subscribing to a plan.


Buffer monitors your social media channels to enhance your engagements with your target audience. It also informs you about the performance of your marketing strategy. Most importantly, Buffer gives you a single space to conduct your activities, such as strategizing, planning, and executing.

Unlike AgoroPulse, Buffer does not offer you a free trial.


Digimind is a unique tool because it monitors your social media channels and recommends the actions you can take to improve your engagements. The recommendations are generated automatically through its AL assistant. However, if you need a report supporting the actions’ practicability, the AL assistant can prepare it for you.

Once you have taken those actions, Digimind will also monitors their performance vis-à-vis the previous ones. After you ascertain that they are reasonable, you can share the reports with other teams. Digimind can also provide you with search engine trends.


Besides social listening, Hootsuite also offers many other tools which can help a brand perform better. It increases the social media audience and enhances engagement. It also provides trend evaluations, listening tools, audience insights, and analytics, all from a single platform.

Furthermore, Hootsuite can pinpoint the leaders of the industry and the relevant keywords. These capabilities make Hootsuite a reliable tool for brands.


Keyhole is different from other tools because it uses hashtags instead of keywords. This means that it is more applicable on Instagram and Twitter than on Facebook since hashtags are not common on Facebook.

Keyhole is user-friendly and allows you to monitor people’s ideas on the already mentioned platforms and provide the information in real-time hence giving you a chance to adjust your campaigns. It collects the data from different locations, giving you a broader market picture. monitors the entire social web because it speaks major world languages. Different brands from different countries can utilize because of this factor. It is used more in the tourism industry because visitors who speak a foreign language can still give their feedback. offers a single platform where you can schedule and monitor your campaign outcome. It also helps you identify the current trends and influencers that can push your brand to new audiences.

Social Mention

It is free, giving you a chance to familiarize yourself with social listening tools before you can spend on them. It enables you to find any keyword outside social media. Whether in comments, videos, bookmarks, audios, microblogs, images, or events.

NetBase Quid Company has a comprehensive plan to drive your business ahead. They can help with competitive intelligence, campaign strategy, technology scouting, product launch, crisis management, and trend analytics.

Social listening tools are excellent for monitoring your brand on social media. They give you a competitive stamina in an ever-changing business world. The above tools are the best you can use.

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